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Penalties for shoes

 投稿者:yangyuhuan  投稿日:2012年 6月19日(火)10時51分5秒
  Penalties for shoes
To Mary, the mother to buy a nice pair of shoes can Xiaoli never cherish them. One night, Mary was asleep, the two ran out of shoes from the closet, holding hands, went to the living room to find an open space to sit down, began to talk up. Shoes A said: "Mary put us went to the mud pile to play, the mud is not only dirty coat, into the mouth Barry!" Shoes B said: "I am even more pathetic. time Mary I put into the stone pile, I was stone was jammed, really hurt! "louboutin shoes outlet A suggested:" Mary so we too impolite, we find a way to punish her job! The next morning, Mary go to school, my father urged her to hurry up shoes, Mary put the shoe was about to walk, shoes B: a "stop!" Xiaoli how walking can also walk, she was in a hurry , his father asked her: "to dawdle what, running late." Mary finally able to move around, she hurriedly came to the school to school, Mary Look, bad, and today there are Games, quickly found a teacher to athletes wearing the number plate Huanglihuangzhang to Roll Call Roll Call, she thought: "I am a runner and have to get to the 60-meter race to find the location." Who would have thought Mary had left two christian louboutin outlet online steps, to control could not help myself, went to vote sandbags venue, Mary dizzy, and thought he was cast sandbags athletes, the teacher read a long time, did not read the Tao own number. "Teacher, you forgot to say my number!" Xiaoli shouted. The teacher asked: your number? "My number is 1791." This time the teacher fainted: "How can a (Class 7), how can there be 91?" Mary suddenly wake up: "I am a 60 m runner, how to vote sandbags now? "she hastened to the 60-meter race Roll Call, but heard a physical education teacher, she shouted:" You're late, classmates. "Mary heart of feeling almost from his body jumped out to a , how could this be? ! After returning home, she took off the shoes, just to lie down and rest, to hear the shoes out, talk, "Mary does not spare us, today we punish her." Shoes A said: "look at her look of the thing, poor thing!" Mary out of the room, facing the two shoes and said: "I'm sorry I will definitely cherish you!" two shoes said: "ok, we forgive you! you will always be our good master!"

The future of shoes

 投稿者:yangyuhuan  投稿日:2012年 6月12日(火)10時18分55秒
  The future of shoes
I want to have a pair of obedient, automatic temperature adjustment of shoes. This kind of shoes have the following this several features:
First, it makes me not to be late to louboutin shoes on sale school, if is going to be late, to a control button said, it will automatically go fast, is I went quickly to the school and not feel a thing.
Second, if the mother assigned me the housework, this kind of louboutin shoes replica  you can make me in a very short period of time in finish the job, and do very well, not mom and dad often scold me that float yan settles.
Third, this kind of shoes I'll note I walk or run every day how many way, that I have strong physique.
Fourth, this kind of shoes according to air temperature adjust the temperature inside the shoe, if it's very hot, this kind of shoes will automatically breathe freely; If it's cold outside, this kind of shoes will automatically the dim.
Fifth, the price of this kind of shoes do not expensive, we ordinary people can afford, afford it.
Look, this kind of shoes is not very practical ah, this is the future of scientists MaXiaoLan invention. You look can again some advice I can improve the oh!

Hiding in the shoes of mouse

 投稿者:yangyuhuan  投稿日:2012年 6月 5日(火)11時32分12秒
  Hiding in the shoes of mouse
ZhongMing day up
The ji zha sound of the memory
A dream is an organic whole days and nights
Hiding in the dark gradually blurred
If this time, never throw away
A timid, and fear of being hurt
Simple pleasure into coined black and white
Not enough oxygen supply to breathe
Not enough sunlight to provide warmth
Just wait, no longer memories brilliant
Hiding in the shoes of mouse, WanHe recorded including late lai
Matter is not open door
Last night, the breeze embrace the rail
Ideas you im
KongHuai full GuHua has not put
Hiding in the shoes of mouse, tears son is spinning
Stay until the morning light, to return to the cave, inwardly sentimental

Shoes memories

 投稿者:yangyuhuan  投稿日:2012年 6月 5日(火)11時31分0秒
  Shoes memories
To go for a ride. He hands with a crutch like thing, skateboard stands on the ice, "wow". He the crutches. Something like a push on the ice, he took "we" slipped up on the ice. The slide faster, the more aggressive the more slippery, his mouth still shout: "it was very exciting. It was very exciting!......" Suddenly, a car passing quickly, the driver saw the people in front JianXia immediately the throttle, see will crash into, the driver to the brakes, but the car or with a rush out of impact. "Bang" of 1, he was hit out, "I" companions along the GuanLi fly to go out, also do not know it landed in where? If any pick up to? If I can see it again.
"I" know soon there will be new brother instead of "us", "I" had to say to him: "don't do dangerous game, to pay attention to safety. I wish you a speedy recovery. Goodbye, my master xiao Ming, goodbye!


 投稿者:teacup.運営  投稿日:2012年 6月 5日(火)11時26分4秒